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Hardly anyone has heard of Rousham. No dogs or children are allowed. It has no tea room or gift shop. All it has is a ticket machine, and for 5 pounds you can have one of the greatest gardens in the world...

Surrey, Darling

One of the first questions I asked Row was if Wisley was considered London. She replied, "No... Surrey, darling!" With this answer I knew I would like where we were headed.


The other day I was in a Primo truck, chatting away with a gardener after lunch time. Suddenly we were flagged down by a visitor. We promptly reversed...

Stuck in the Middle

I am smack dab in the middle of 3 girls in our family. I have grown up being known as Leigh's younger sister or Margaret Anne's older sister. I can't say I hate it for two reasons:

Loveliest Village

I have been dreading the moment I would graduate and leave Auburn since I moved in freshman year. I thought they would have to drag me kicking a screaming with Toomer's Lemonade in my hand all the way down highway 280.